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Hi There !

I love to introduce myself as a CEO & Founder.

Mohamed Ali
CEO & Founder

Mohamed Ali is an online entrepreneur who is passionate about helping people attain financial freedom. With years Of experience in Financial Market (Forex), his passion for business enabled him to build massive organizations in different network marketing companies, he also trained more than thousands Students in 2 different Forex education company.

Mohamed has decided to launch a course designed for anyone to become successful in the financial markets.

Mohamed realised that in the Forex industry you need the right Education and large funding, that is why he launched education with funding behind his students in one platform and also giving chance for those people who are not able to make profit from Forex market . Those with either time problem and those who lack the skills but want their money to work for them they can take advantage from Account managment system.

team member

Hi There !

I love to introduce myself as a Vice President of Field Operations and Shareholder.

Zuhir Hersi
Vice President of Field Operations and Shareholder

Zuhir Hersi known professionally as DJ Subeer is a well known DJ and global social media influencer within his community. DJ Subeer has achieved many awards and accolades throughout his career, and made a breakthrough on Social Media with over half a million daily views on his social apps. DJ Subeer which is the most popular and most followed Somali celebrity on the social media platform “Snapchat”, a platform that is highly effective for daily updates and enables him to connect with his fans. DJ Subeer saw the Goldstarlive vision straight away realised that the impact it can have , his committed to provide this service to thousands across the globe knowing it can enhance many people financial situation.